About Us


with Grace has been a work in progress since my childhood.  As a self-proclaimed paper nerd, personalized stationery (and monogrammed everything!) has always been a big part of my life.  I’ve always felt that a personalized gift is the best gift as it shows thoughtful planning and effort from the giver making the receiver feel that much more special! 


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, I entered corporate life in advertising.  Working in print media allowed me to get my paper fix and gave me the tools to develop my own design skills.  As I got into my late 20s, my friends and co-workers were headed down the aisle and needed help with designing wedding invitations and etiquette advice for wording them.  I became everyone’s go-to girl.  This was the beginning of with Grace.


with Grace began as a hobby, doing projects out of my home after work for friends.  As my skills improved, my project list grew and before I knew it I was designing invitations for friends of friends that I had never met before.  My love of paper and my need for a creative outlet had been fulfilled and I decided it was time to make it a career.


In 2007, after 7 years, 2 children, 2 cats, a dog, a frog and a crawfish, it was time to graduate from designing in my basement to opening a boutique.  My passion for paper, etiquette and careful design has allowed me to express myself to the public in what I like to call my “little pink palace of paper.”  It’s my little slice of heaven that I welcome you to and hope you enjoy!